Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

Generally, cosmetic dentistry is any form of dental procedure that is aimed at improving the facial appearance of an individual with emphasis to the smile and teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is used in very few cases to treat dental diseases or infections. Cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles provides various services for aesthetics treatment and general care for teeth. Veneers Specialist on Wilshire is focused and capable of giving you an attractive look and a beautiful smile. They are well equipped with skilled cosmetic dentists and competent dental offices.

Cosmetic Dental procedures

Composite bonding

This is one of the most common procedures in Cosmetic dentistry, Los Angeles. It involves placing a composite material on teeth which have been eroded by decay and look unattractive. The dentist first clears out the decay with special equipment then pours in the composite material to fit the space left on the tooth. After molding the composite material to fit and portray a healthy tooth, the dentist exposes the material to an intensive light which hardens the material to complete the process of bonding. This process is one of the most affordable means of repairing decayed teeth.

Fixing inlays and onlays

If the tooth has been almost entirely eroded by decay, an onlay can be fixed to protect the tooth from any further damage and still ensure that the tooth is functional. An onlay is a dental appliance made of composite resin which is placed on top of the tooth to cover the whole tooth. This ensures that the individual can continue using the tooth despite having a dysfunctional natural tooth. An inlay can as well be fixed if the tooth is not extremely damaged. This tool resembles a veneer which is placed on top of the crown of the tooth to aid in chewing and biting without affecting the natural tooth. However, these are temporary dental tools.

Fixing Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are surgically fixed onto the gum to replace missing teeth. For this to be done, the cosmetic dentist has to drill a small hole on the jawbone where the missing tooth was to insert the root of the dental implant. This may take a few weeks to heal and hold the root firmly in place. The crown of the dental implant is then placed afterward to fit in between adjacent teeth. During this treatment process, good oral hygiene should be maintained to avoid bacterial infection at the site of insertion. Dental implants look entirely similar for natural teeth and cannot be confused with prosthetics.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a growing branch of cosmetic dentistry with more and more people enquiring for teeth whitening products. Teeth whitening is necessary to return your teeth to their original shine. Teeth bleaching is also possible if you desire to make teeth whiter than the original shade. Teeth whitening can be done through laser treatment where the dentist uses high-intensity laser light to destroy the bacteria and plaque on the surface of the tooth. Products can also be used to whiten teeth such as abrasive toothpaste, mouthwash, and whitening strips.

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