What Our Patients Say About Us

I am writing to you to thank you for the beyond magnificent work you did in giving me a smile I can feel extremely proud in showing it off to the world! I cant sufficiently express how grateful I am to you for what you have done for my confidence level and my quality of life. After walking around for fifteen years trying not to show my teeth when I smile or laugh, I now smile big and wide, as I love how my teeth now are. That is a fantastic feeling; one I never thought I would feel again!.

I’m 52 and I was really starting to feel like an old frumpy housewife when I looked at my teeth in the mirror even though I am far from old or frumpy. It’s just my teeth looked old, dull, and worn out. My teeth needed a serious make-over. I just can’t express enough what a wonderful job Dr. Twersky did on my smile make-over! I look like a Hollywood celebrity now! Even better is, I look years younger with my nice new perfect fresh smile!.

About a year ago, my two front teeth broke from a collision with another player during a soccer match. I had visited a dentist and he fixed the teeth with a tooth colored filling. After awhile, I noticed the filling started chipping away and it didn’t match my tooth anymore. I hated how my front teeth looked. My once nice smile was gone. Then I went to Dr. Twersky. He recommended placing porcelain veneers on my two front teeth. Wow! What a difference the veneers made. It was certainly money well spent. Thanks again Dr. Twersky!.

I was always self-conscious about my smile. I had far from perfect teeth. I always took good care of them, but I just hated my smile. Both of my canines were jagged and ugly and I felt like everyone was looking at them when I smiled. I also didn’t like the space between my teeth either. It wasn’t like I didn’t need to floss because the gap was so wide that nothing would ever get stuck between my teeth, but the spaces were too wide for my liking. I just want Dr. Twersky to know how much I appreciate the work he did and how thrilled I am that the veneers he placed gave me the smile I wanted. I smile with pride now instead of trying to hide my once ugly teeth!.

I’m 22, but my teeth made me look like I was 32. I hated how they looked. They were stained and just dull. I was spending so much money on teeth whitening kits because after a few weeks, my teeth were looking stained and dull again. Thank you Dr. Twersky for my nice shiny new veneers! My teeth are more beautiful than they ever were and I don’t look old anymore!.

I was a pack a day smoker for 20 years and have been smoke free for 8 months. My wife always hated how dingy and gross my teeth looked from the tobacco stains. How my teeth looked bothered me too, but not nearly as much as it bothered my wife. I gave in and tried bleaching my teeth. What a headache and disaster that was. My teeth were just a lighter shade of yellow, not white like you see on the commercials. Then, I found Dr. Twersky. No more dingy yellow stained teeth for me. I like my veneers, but more importantly, my wife likes how my teeth look and has stopped nagging me about them! Thank Dr. Twersky!.

Thank you so much Dr. Twersky for how my 6 veneers turned out on my upper teeth. My make-up artist and photographer no longer complain about how dull my teeth look and how they didn’t like the color. I can finally give-up whitening my teeth for good! (I absolutely hated the mess and taste of the bleaching gel!).

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