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Client Testimonials

Amazing dentists, assistants, and team! Everyone here makes you feel so comfortable and involved for your treatment. Also, you have a beautiful and relaxing view of the city from the patient chair. 
Highly Recommend!
Allison A.
So! I had a tooth crown fall off while I was out of town visiting some friends for the holidays, to be honest, I was in a lot discomfort. It was difficult to even chew food, and that is something I love to do! :)I found this dentist, very close to where I was staying in Los Angeles. They created a quick solution for my tooth so I could enjoy the rest of my trip. Staff was super friendly and made my visit super comfortable.Just wanted to say thank you Wilshire Smile Studio.
Cali R.
Best d**n teeth cleaning you can get in LA!

Dr. Twersky and his team are the absolute best.  He has gentle hands -- and truly talented at his craft.

I originally found them after I had chipped my old lumineer while chewing food.  I decided on getting a veneer at Wilshire Smile Studio instead of getting it bonded by my old dentist.  Their staff was very helpful in getting me a last minute appointment and I remember that.

They have a comfortable and quiet office, situated on Wilshire right along the new Metro line and a couple buildings down from Museum Row and the Peterson Museum.

Wilshire Smile Studio always puts me first, I highly recommend them!
Claudia J.
I just switched to this dentist office after some back luck at another office - and after reading the reviews I thought my husband & I could try it out. I'm SO glad we did! After an XRay, dental cleaning, and a small filling I had to write a review. Every check up so far has been so easy & painless. I am so impressed with how they happily take the time to walk me through my insurance coverage & costs.Bonus: I love that they texted me when I requested to be notified if an earlier dental cleaning appointment opened up - very convenient.Extra bonus: The very friendly & adorable Filipina ladies at the front desk. They made my day & I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment!! I've never said that about a dentist!!
Jeanette G.
Dr.Twersky thank you for a great experience! His staff as well as himself were extremely professional as well as personable and inviting.When I came in for my visit I was politely greeted by Charlene at the front desk. After paperwork was filled out I waited patiently in their quaint lobby. I was then accompanied to my treatment room by June.Surprisingly the cleaning went smoothly, I'm usually very nervous going to the dentist, but it was a very mellow and easy going experience. Came out with no cavities and a big smile from Dr.Twersky.The second best part of the experience is the location of the Dentist. It sits up on the 16th floor of the building with great views of local LA. Definitely calms the nerves even when just going in for a clean. You can actually catch the Hollywood sign from the office!I would recommend this office if you are looking for an overall great view, great customer experience, and a friendly and honest dentist.
Stephanie C.

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