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The dental process of veneer placement

A veneer doctor Los Angeles can provide information and dental services related to veneer placement. In recent months, veneers have become very popular having been used as a substitute for tooth replacement. Looking at the ease of placing and fitting dental veneers, it has become one of the most preferred dental solutions for discolored and decayed teeth. Today, veneers are used by movie stars and celebrities to improve the aesthetic quality of their teeth and smile. Veneer placement does not require excessive surgical procedures as compared to other dental treatment options meaning any regular dentist can perform veneer placement. For the best veneer services in the city, you can contact veneer specialist Los Angeles.

The procedure of getting veneers placed

Placing and fitting dental veneers usually takes less than 3 sessions to the veneer doctor. However, depending on the number of teeth that are being fitted with veneers, the dental sessions can either increase or reduce. The first stage of placing veneers involves diagnosis and planning.

Diagnosis and planning

The first thing the veneer doctor Los Angeles should know is the desired outcome that you have. After determining this, the veneer doctor can advise on which veneers are best for your condition and the benefits of each for your dental issue. After agreeing on your preferred choice of dental veneers, the veneers specialist can now take X-rays to determine the size and shape of the teeth that require veneers. Also, the veneer doctor examines the teeth to determine whether they are healthy enough for placing veneers. The veneer doctor will then take you through the whole procedure and explain any details that you may be interested in before undertaking the procedure. Lastly, the veneer doctor Los Angeles creates impressions of the teeth that are intended to be used for creating custom-made veneers.


In this stage, the dentist starts with the procedure. Local anesthesia is usually recommended to reduce the discomfort felt during this procedure. First, the veneer doctor removes a small bit of the enamel of the teeth to be fitted with veneers. The size will depend on the size and shape of the veneer being placed. After this, the veneer doctor takes an impression of the tooth or teeth under treatment and sends it to the dental lab where the veneer will be molded. It may take at most four weeks for the dentist to receive the veneers from the dental laboratory. In the meantime, the dentist can recommend temporary veneers to cover the tooth.


After getting the veneers from the dental laboratory, the veneer doctor Los Angeles places it on your tooth to affirm that it fits as expected. If necessary, he may polish and even out the veneer for it to fit perfectly. The dentist then etches the surface of the tooth to improve bonding capabilities. The dentist then uses a special cement to paste the veneer to the surface of the tooth. He then uses a special light to harden the cement and make the bonded veneer stick firmly to the enamel of the tooth. The dentist then removes excess cement and polishes the final product to make the veneer perfectly aligned to the tooth. After this, the dentist may request follow-ups to confirm the resilience and adhesive quality of the veneer.

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