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Can I Get Front Teeth Veneers Before I Extract One of My Back Teeth?

At Wilshire Smile Studio, we see a lot of patients with unique dental issues. Some patients may need different procedures done on different teeth. One question we’ve been asked is: can I get veneers on my front teeth before I extract one of my back teeth? Or do I need to have the back tooth extracted first?The answer is: the two procedures can be done in any order. Since they’re in different parts of the mouth, the results shouldn’t overlap or interfere with each other. You will probably want to have these procedures done on different visits, however, which we’ll explore below.


Getting dental veneers and getting a tooth extracted are fundamentally different procedures. While getting veneers involves shaving off a small portion of tooth enamel, the vast majority of the tooth remains intact. Veneers are simply a shell of material, usually porcelain or composite, placed over your existing teeth.Tooth extraction, on the other hand, is just what it sounds like. With the aid of anesthetics to numb the area, teeth can be pulled out relatively quickly and easily. This means that there is no reason why you can’t get veneers before you get a back tooth extracted. The procedures don’t conflict at all.

The only exception would be if your bite changes due to the extracted tooth. Then we would need to correct your bite with orthodontics and take new molds before we proceed with veneers.


Some dental procedures can be done on the same visit. For example, it is easy and straightforward to get multiple fillings done on the same day that you get a crown installed. However, veneers and tooth extraction shouldn’t be done on the same day. The reason is the bleeding that results from tooth extraction.Your gums should be given time to heal after a tooth is extracted. Even after the bleeding stops, your gums need to regrow to cover the hole left by the tooth. While this healing process occurs, the hole is vulnerable to infection, so you should never try to mix in another complex procedure, even if it’s on a different part of your teeth. The risk of infection is too high.

So overall, you can get the two procedures done in any order: veneers or tooth extraction. It all depends on your unique situation. Is your tooth causing you significant pain and needs to be removed right away? Or would you rather do the cosmetic work first? Ask the experts at Wilshire Smile Studio to help you evaluate your options.

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