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Dental Veneers Can Change Your Life If Done Right

If your teeth are a bit embarrassing cosmetically, dental veneers could be an affordable and popular solution. Your smile may have gaps, with teeth that are cracked, chipped, crooked, or worn, and perhaps discolored or just naturally darker than you would like. Or your teeth might seem to be too long or shorter than others’ appear to be–or maybe you feel you show too much gum when you smile. You could even have unsightly or leaky fillings.

“We pay attention to detail and take all the time necessary when customizing veneers to create the smile of your dreams,” says Dr. Baruch Twersky, DMD, the cosmetic specialist at Wilshire Smile Studio. “One of the first things someone notices about another person is their smile. People instantly, whether subconsciously or consciously, form an opinion based on your smile. How you feel about the look of your teeth has a major impact on your self-esteem, as well.”

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry, Dr. Twersky has had 42 years of experience providing patients with their personalized cosmetic dental needs. He is continually taking educational courses on the latest advances in materials and techniques. He is also known to patients as someone who is caring and gentle.

Most people have smiles that are imperfect and it is easy to discolor teeth with everything from coffee to smoking. They often need a professional whitening before veneers can be placed, lest their current color show through. Some dental practices use inferior materials, but Wilshire Smile only places the most biocompatible dental porcelain ceramic veneers on your teeth, after removing just the amount of the enamel so they don’t seem pasted on. We aim to make your smile makeover seem like the one you were born with.

“Amazing dentists, assistants, and teams!,” wrote patient Allison A. on the Wilshire Smile website, www.LAdentist.com. “Everyone here makes you feel so comfortable and involved for your treatment.”

Call for an appointment to assess what veneers and other cosmetic dentistry options can do for your smile: 323-DENTIST (336-8478).

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