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My Veneers Have Shifted. Will a Retainer Help?

Most people’s teeth shift over time. Usually, this is easily addressed with orthodontic appliances like braces, Invisalign, and retainers that slowly move teeth back into their optimal positions.But what if you’ve already gotten veneers, and then your teeth shift? This may seem to complicate the equation, since veneers are an expensive cosmetic appliance. Is getting orthodontic work still possible if you have veneers?

The answer is: yes, a retainer or Invisalign can still help even if you have veneers.


Before you get veneers, you and your dentist should check whether you need any major orthodontic work done. Once veneers are installed, you shouldn’t get metal braces, since the brackets and wires will mar the surface of the veneers. Invisalign is a better option; since the aligners slip on and off, they won’t damage your veneers.Of course, your teeth can be perfectly fine when you get the veneers, and then shift later. If this happens, then wearing a plastic retainer over your veneers can address the problem. To get fitted for a retainer, you will need to get a new set of impressions done for your teeth. This is easy to do and won’t damage your veneers.

Nightguards can also be worn over veneers, and they hold your teeth in position just as well as retainers.
If the problem isn’t your teeth, but the veneers themselves have started shifting, a retainer won’t help. Visit your dentist as soon as possible. This could only happen if the veneers are coming unglued, and they will need to be rebonded by a professional.

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