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Porcelain Veneers Are the Secret to An Affordable Smile Makeover

You may wish you had a nicer smile. You might be embarrassed by discolored teeth, others that are worn down, and some that are misaligned and uneven leaving gaps between them, or a few that are cracked and chipped. You are sure that a total smile makeover is something only celebrities can afford.

The good news is that thanks to advances in materials and craftsmanship in recent years, you can gain many of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry just by having customized porcelain veneers applied to the front of your teeth at a surprisingly affordable price.

A veneer is a thin slice of porcelain that is similar to that in a ceramic vase, but biocompatible and stronger, with variable translucency that can make them appear like anyone’s natural teeth when expertly crafted. They can last many years and porcelain is the superior choice compared with traditional materials many dentists still use.

Too many also do not remove the right amount of the front of the teeth in advance of the placement of the veneers, so they seem too bulky and are obviously pasted on. Or the patient may not receive the right level of whitening of discolored teeth in advance of attaching the veneers, so that the result is not a gleaming smile.

Every individual is unique and the dentist has to work closely with a dental laboratory’s technicians and artists to create the perfect match of the exactly appropriate shade, based on the patient’s preferences. Too many dental practices try to save on the cost by using overseas labs that are not very skilled (and the savings is not always passed on to the patient).

There is also consideration of the “golden proportion,” the perfect ratio of width and length of the teeth in relation to the face and lips.

Some patients may want the brightest Hollywood celebrity smile seen on TV and in the movies. Others would prefer that their veneers look so natural that no one will guess that they did not always have a great-looking teeth.

But aesthetics is not the only consideration for selecting the right veneers.  Function is just as important: making sure that the occlusion or bite is comfortable after the veneers are placed.

Call now to set up a consultation on how veneers could change your life with the experts at www.VeneerSpecislitLosAngeles.com and the Wilshire Smile Studio: 323-DENTIST (336-8478).

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