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Veneers Are the First Step in a Smile Makeover

Everyone knows that a beautiful smile is important because others (never us!) make judgments on first impressions. Revealing a set of crooked or discolored teeth conveys an idea that we either don’t care about our appearance and have poor personal care habits or that we haven’t been successful enough to afford fixing our dental deficiencies. Whether in a job interview, meeting a new customer, or on a first date, the consequences could be serious.

Veneers are an easy and painless fix to many issues. They are thin pieces of biocompatible dental porcelain that are strong and can be made to look like your natural teeth to be placed on the front of any with problems. These include those that have become cracked, chipped, or discolored, worn down, are misshapen, too small or too large, or not positioned quite right so there is a gap between the teeth. These may have caused bite misalignment, making it more challenging to chew and speak clearly, and been harder to clean properly.

When you come in for a consultation, our dentist will examine your teeth and recommend what should be done, based on the proportions of your face and the relationship of the lips and teeth. Digital x-rays may be required to fully view the teeth to be treated. If you decide to proceed, whether with a single veneer to cover a damaged tooth or for a whole set for upper and lower teeth at the front that show when you smile, a small amount of the surface of each will be removed. This prepares them so that when applied, the veneers will not seem too bulky and unnatural when placed. Impressions will be taken of the treatment area and sent to a top dental lab to create these very personalized veneers.

Often, professional whitening is required in advance of veneer placement to effectively cover old root canals that have become darkened or teeth that have been hard to whiten with over-the-counter solutions. They may be deeply discolored from coffee, tea, red wine, other colored beverages and food, or smoking, aging, strong mouthwashes, or the side effects of medications.

Veneers can be surprisingly affordable compared with some other cosmetic dentistry options. You might have been misled about the cost, since many celebrities have admitted having them applied to create their gleaming Hollywood smiles (including Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, George Clooney, and Hilary Duff). Wilshire Smile Studio can also offer financing. With proper care, veneers often can last for as long as 10 years, making them very cost-effective.

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