Why You Need Wilshire Smile Studio as a Specialist in Dental Veneers

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Why You Need Wilshire Smile Studio as a Specialist in Dental Veneers

The gleaming smile of celebrities can be seen everywhere in Greater Hollywood (which seems to encompass all of Southern California, based on the number of billboards, ads on mobile phones, and magazine covers).

This makes ordinary mortals feel embarrassed about their own smiles in comparison. But very few of those stars were born with such perfect teeth that they did not need some help before those close-ups.


Patients of Wilshire Smile Studio know we treat many of the famous just based on their willingness to let us post their smiling photos in our waiting room. We can’t say who had exactly what treatment, but we know that one of the most popular options for upgrading a smile for everyone is dental veneers.

There are lots of reasons why:

• If someone is in an accident, whether in a vehicle or from sports, and teeth get chipped or slightly cracked, it’s easy to cover these with veneers, which are made of dental porcelain.

• Almost everyone drinks so much coffee, tea, or red wine that stains can become deep and not respond to whitening (regardless of whether strips, gels, trays, or toothpastes are used and for how long). But discoloration can also occur from dark sodas, foods like blueberries or tomatoes, smoking (anything), and due to taking certain medications. Even aging often causes teeth to get more yellow. Veneers are the perfect way to cover any darkening teeth.

• Gaps between teeth, ones that are smaller or larger than neighboring teeth, or those that are misshapen can make an otherwise beautiful smile an embarrassment. Veneers can be designed to fix these challenges.


Since you are probably not about smiling on a screen small or big, why should you be concerned about improving the look of your smile?

Because studies show a lovely smile not only gives someone self-confidence, others may think you aren’t friendly if you don’t greet them with a full smile. This can affect everything from having a successful first date or the results of a job interview.

But what about the cost?

The good news is that we can give you a smile worthy of a star at a non-celebrity price. We can work within your budget to determine what your best affordable options are, such as just putting veneers on your most visible and flawed teeth initially.


Why not go to another dental office?

Unfortunately, many of them can claim to be masters in cosmetic dentistry, but very few have the knowledge, training, and experience to do veneers right.

Our Dr. Arora is a certified specialist and we work with a dental lab that also a recognized expert in crafting the highest-quality products, from implants to crowns.

We also have a periodontist who can use a laser to painlessly reduce gums that show too much to be attractive, before the veneers are designed to create the new smile.


What could happen if you don’t go to a practice with the standards of Wilshire Smile Studio?

1. Other offices might try to talk you into letting them use resin veneers, which are not as durable as ours, made of dental porcelain.

2. We use digital impression technology that makes sure the veneers fit perfectly and this is often more comfortable than traditional impression molds (which we do if the patient prefers). Most practices in L.A. have not digitized this process and cannot provide the option.

3. They use a discount dental lab, often overseas, which may result in poor communication and end up requiring a remake. Our lab is located here and respected as one of the best in the industry.

4. In order for veneers not to stick out artificially, some enamel needs to be removed from the front of the tooth being treated, but we can do this very conservatively. Dentists without experience may take off too much, weakening the teeth severely, or too little, so it is obvious the veneers are not your real teeth.

5. Inadequate bonding can result in veneers falling off, while too much of the dental cement can irritate gums.

6. They are put on in a way that changes your bite to change.



Call Wilshire Smile Studio today at (323) 922-5874 or book an appointment online for a full physical exam and to explore what your best options are for starting the journey for your uniquely perfect smile.




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