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Wilshire Smile Studio Can Transform Your Smile With Veneers

Dental veneers are the first step to transform a smile you feel is a bit embarrassing to one that you can be proud of, even in Hollywood where celebrities all have gleaming grins. And it’s no longer a secret that veneers play a big role in how perfect those appear to be on the screen (big or small). 

These can cover unsightly gaps between teeth, hide chips and cracks, and make teeth that are not the same size or shape as their neighbors into exact matches.

Veneers of the highest quality are made of thin wafers of biocompatible dental porcelain (as opposed to those of resin that are promoted at a cheaper price, which do not look like natural teeth and do not endure wear-and-tear nearly as well). With good care (such as not risking damage by using them to open packages or bottles, chew ice, or pull off clothing) they could last 10 years or more. That makes them very cost-effective as the beginning of a full cosmetic dental makeover.

As always with any major proposed treatment, you would need to have a full dental exam at Wilshire Smile Studio, including a full digital x-ray (which involves minimal radiation and allows the dentist to see not only your gums, but the bone surrounding all your teeth, to make sure there are no oral health issues that need to be treated before starting a cosmetic procedure).

If you are ready to begin, the dentist will shave off a bit of the front of each tooth that is to receive a veneer, to both create a rough surface to improve adhesion and so any tooth with a veneer does not stick out unnaturally. An impression of each tooth is then taken to create a temporary veneer so you can try out how it feels before sending the impression to one of Southern California’s best dental laboratories to craft the porcelain final versions. 

When they are ready, you will return to the office, where we will apply a bonding agent to each tooth and then place the veneer, curing the cement with a special light to harden it. You will leave with what seem to be a new set of teeth, making you eager to flash a full smile to everyone you meet. 

“We have been creating Hollywood smiles at an affordable price since 2002,” says Dr. Igal Elyassi, the head dentist at Wilshire Smile Studio. “We attract many from the entertainment industry to enhance their smiles. We invite you to come in for an exam to discover what your new smile options are.”

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