Wilshire Smile Studio Veneers Can Provide You Any Shade You Imagine for Your Perfect Smile

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There are many practical reasons for considering veneers, those pieces of dental porcelain that are the width of your fingernail and attached to the front of teeth that you want covered (aka laminates, porcelain veneers wrap slightly around the sides, so that no one will even know they are not the teeth you were born with…unless you want to brag about them, of course).

You may be a candidate if you have hesitated to smile because some of your teeth are chipped from an accident, others are a bit crooked or oddly shaped, there are spaces between them, or you just love coffee, tea, and red wine and can never get the stains out, even with professional whitening in our dental chair.

But there are important personal considerations, as well. You know that others whose smiles have been improved by veneers seem to get dates, make friends, and snag jobs easier. You are aware that people do make judgments about you if you don’t give them a full and friendly smile.

The good news is that Wilshire Smile Studio, on the border between Hollywood and Beverly Hills, can help you realize the smile you would love to have, whether it is blindingly white like those on the silver screen or so natural that no one will know your dentist has enhanced what nature and daily life have given you.

You should think about those whose smiles you particularly admire and bring in any images on your phone, from magazines, or our Smile Gallery as examples of your goal.

Consider how the shade you select would fit in with your career and personal plans. If you are in finance, the law, or education, the understated color would fit in best. If rising in the entertainment world, social media, or fashion, you probably want to show off your ability to invest in yourself.

We have many shades to choose from and we can digitally show you what your smile will be like with your new veneers. The top dental lab we work with are masters of crafting exactly what you want and need.

Think you can’t afford your perfect smile? We provide an opportunity for third-party financing on request.  

Call today to set up an appointment for a full dental exam and find out what your next steps should be in a smile cosmetic makeover.




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