Wilshire Smile Studio Works With a Top Dental Lab to Craft Celebrity-Level Veneers

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You probably know that many celebrities have been open about how they upgraded their smiles to get ready for their close-ups by having dental veneers attached to the fronts of any teeth that are flawed. Many of them come to Wilshire Smile Studio, which is just down the street from the new Academy of Motion Pictures Museum in Hollywood. Naturally, everyone in Southern California outside of showbiz gets compared with the gleaming grins of the stars whose pictures are everywhere.

Veneers can correct a wide variety of problems, including stains that can’t be eliminated by traditional whitening methods, chipped or cracked teeth, misshapen ones, those that are crooked (but don’t require Invisalign to straighten them), and others that gave gaps between them.


The best veneers are made of thin slices of biocompatible dental porcelain and can last a decade or more. That makes them a better investment over the long-term than the composite resin ones many dental practices use because they are inexpensive, though these typically provide a better smile for half as long as porcelain. Wilshire Smile Studio’s porcelain veneers are also more translucent and so look just like your natural teeth.

But it isn’t only the material that makes our veneers so sought after. One of the little-known factors in our success with cosmetic dentistry is that we work with an independent and highly-regarded dental laboratory. Too many practices cut corners to make more profit by farming out the crafting of veneers and other elements of a dental cosmetic makeover to labs in China, Mexico, and other countries. Everyone in the profession is aware of the problems that come with buying cheap products and inferior workmanship, with the patients becoming the victims.


One of the ways you can find out whether your current or prior dentist is able to produce the highest quality veneers is to know whether they have a fully-digital process of collaborating with their dental lab. Only about 5% do and Wilshire Smile Studio is one of them. That means no more reliance on having to take physical impressions of the area of the mouth receiving veneers, which often causes patients to gag, leaves a very bad taste, or requires holding their mouths open until they are very sore. A digital impression is also more accurate, is not subject to breakage, and creates a record that can easily be altered if the dentist and patient decide to do something different.

Most important, the high art of laboratory craftsmanship is only practiced by the very best in the business, just as only a handful of dentists have a reputation among their colleagues for providing the best care possible.

Call Wilshire Smile Studio for a full dental exam today to find out what your best options are for achieving the perfect smile of your dreams.




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