Dental Veneers Are A Great Way to Transform Your Smile and Your Life

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Like it or not, we all know that people tend to make instant judgments when we first meet. This is an ancient survival mechanism when humans had to quickly assess whether a stranger was friendly or a threat, but it persists when the stakes are not so high.

We also recognize that everyone responds positively to a full and friendly smile, but few of us are born with one that by any standard is perfect. Many celebrities have the self-confidence to admit that to be ready for those close-ups they have enhanced what Nature gave them, with dental veneers being the favorite choice for a dramatic upgrade.

Veneers Uses

For one thing, veneers made of hard cosmetic porcelain have a translucency like natural teeth, so others will think you have just had them professionally whitened. But while teeth get constantly stained by coffee, tea, red wine, and colored foods like tomatoes and blueberries, veneers strongly resist discoloration. They can remain gleaming for 10 years and with diligent brushing and flossing, could even be a permanent solution to the need for annual whitening.

Veneers have numerous other uses, such as repairing chipped teeth, making a tooth look larger or more similar in shape to neighboring ones, and closing large gaps between them. Of course, to apply them for any of these problems requires that your oral health is in good shape otherwise: if you have periodontal diseases or too many crooked teeth that require Invisalign orthotic aligners, those would need to be treated first.


The number of veneers you may want depends on your current smile. Do you have a narrow one which shows just the upper teeth at the front or a broad one that allows others to see your molars at the back? To understand what would best serve you requires an exam by a Wilshire Smile Studio dentist who can show you digital versions of the way veneers would change your smile.

A well-designed smile with veneers will even make your face look more youthful and give you more self-confidence, whether it’s meeting strangers at a party, on a first date, or in a job interview.

Veneers Procedures

There is a two-fold process for actually creating and placing veneers that starts with shaving off a slight amount of the enamel so that they are bonded to the front of teeth, they won’t stick out artificially. Digital impression molds are then taken and you are given temporaries of dental resin that will help you feel what it will be like to have the veneers.

If they are comfortable, a top dental lab will craft the final versions, a fully digital process that ensures accuracy. When you return, the teeth to be treated will be slightly etched to improve the attachment, the veneers will be fitted, adjusted to be comfortable, and then bonded with a cement that is activated with a special light.

Our Promise

Unfortunately, any dentist can claim to be a cosmetic specialist, even though lacking the training and experience to justify this title. Wilshire Smile Studio dentists often have to repair the poor work that other practices have done, such as not matching the exact shade of the veneers with teeth, a bad fit that misaligns the bite, incorrect placement that causes discomfort or pain, inadequate bonding, an excess of cement that irritates the gums, and inflammation where a veneer edge meets the tooth.

If you think that having biocompatible porcelain veneers cover flawed teeth, the first step towards a complete cosmetic smile makeover, call us for a full examination to discuss your best options.




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